My Instagram post this morning mentioned the importance of wellness, so I thought it would be only fitting to hit y'all with a resource I've used for years on my own journey to peace of mind. The Mindfulness Awareness Research Center at UCLA has served me very well, and though I've never  physically been to … Continue reading Meditation

To the Parents

Today's blog post is an ode to the parents of those children- the ones who don't make it. I keep every single one of their faces in my memory as motivation to get better, and to know more, and, for the cases where all of that is not enough, to never lose my empathy. 

Is this thing on?!

New blog, who dis?! I am an Emergency Medicine doctor (a second year resident, to be exact). As such, most of my days are hard and unglamorous. I’ve found myself lusting after a life that I see on Instagram-- full of shopping, travel, and being cute as a profession-- so many times.